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While serving in this capacity in Paris, Zavala became increasingly aware that President Santa Anna, backed by military force and the clergy, was assuming dictatorial powers and was not observing the Mexican Constitution of that Zavala had helped create. Zavala, for his own safety, moved his family to Texas where he owned land. He arrived in Texas in by steamboat near the mouth of the Brazos River and briefly shared a house with his good friend Stephen F. Austin who would later be called "the Father of Texas".

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Burnet who later became Interim President of Texas. Both men had been given Empresario Grants in prior years. The previous summer, Zavala had bought a home on acres equal to one labor , a Spanish term of land measurement north of Buffalo Bayou in Harris County , called Zavala Point.

This border area contained many immigrants from the United States who were accustomed to a democratic government and individual rights. Animosity against Santa Anna's rule was common and rebellion was brewing.

United States Attorneys' Office - Southern District of Texas

Santa Anna was angered by what he perceived to be U. At this point, Zavala's hope was to overthrow the existing Mexican government and restore Mexico to a democracy and to have Texas be one of the Mexican states. A pragmatic realist, he gradually changed his viewpoint and began advocating for Texas independence from Mexico. In March , a meeting of delegates was held in a Texas settlement known as " Washington-on-the-Brazos " where the Declaration of Independence for the Republic of Texas was drafted and signed.

After the Alamo fell, Santa Anna's forces were soon advancing on the delegation, forcing them to flee.

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  6. A number of families awaited there for a steamer to take them to safety on Galveston Island. Santa Anna was defeated and captured. A few months after this, Zavala's health began to fail. He resigned his office of Vice President and returned home. Less than a month after his resignation, he was boating in Buffalo Bayou when his rowboat overturned and he was chilled.

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    Zavala developed pneumonia and died at his home on November 15, He was buried in a small cemetery plot at his home. Mexican historians are generally respectful to Zavala for his efforts to create a republic and for improving conditions for the lower class; however, Zavala's apparent reversal of loyalty to his native Mexico and his turning to participate in Texas Independence branded him as a traitor to many Mexicans, a feeling some harbor to this day.

    In Zavala married Teresa Correa y Corres. They had three children: a son named Lorenzo Jr. Zavala's wife, Teresa, died in the spring of Zavala remarried while in exile. To this union was born a son and two daughters. The son Augustine, the eldest, was the father of Adina Emilia de Zavala , who played a role in the fight to preserve the Alamo as a historic structure for future generations. The lodge received its charter from the Louisiana Grand Lodge in It was Zavala's relationship with his fellow masonic brothers and to other lodges that allowed him to gather many political connections prior to Mexico's Independence.

    These five lodges became the nucleus of the movement that favored decentralization of leadership. He kept his position until his exile in Some sources state that Zavala was disgraced for revealing ritual secrets. The town of Zavala, Texas was named for him in Jasper County in The county seat is Crystal City. Unfortunately, when the name was given, it was misspelled as "Zavalla" and the error was not officially corrected until 71 years later From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lorenzo de Zavala.

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    Retrieved 2 February Lone Star Junction. Retrieved 23 January University of North Texas Libraries.

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    Retrieved 24 January Wallace L. Retrieved 27 January Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The presidency at the time claimed that Mbeki had no duty to check up after helping the company get the allocations. Said an aide: "What happens after is a different matter The transaction was set up in late when Dikembe Mutombo, a Congolese basketball hero formerly with the Houston Rockets, introduced Lawal to the opportunity to buy kg of gold supposedly held in Kenya.

    Lawal roped in diamond trader Carlos St Mary to help. When he resurfaced, he proposed completing the transaction in the lawless eastern DRC town of Goma. At the time there was a ban decreed by President Joseph Kabila on all precious mineral exports from the eastern DRC, in an attempt to stop the financing of arms smuggling and destabilisation.

    In Goma they were introduced to General Bosco Ntaganda as the true owner of the gold.

    The Official Historical Center of the Texas Rangers by Appointment of the State of Texas

    Ntaganda, a rebel warlord who had switched sides to Kabila and then built himself a new power base in Kabila's notoriously fractious military, goes by the alias "Terminator". Ntaganda has been wanted by the International Criminal Court since for war crimes relating to the use of child soldiers and was slapped with a travel ban and asset freeze by the UN Security Council the following year for violating the DRC arms embargo. He and his troops have been linked to ethnic massacres, torture and rape. The cash was handed over in two bags—one upfront to Ntaganda, who personally counted it, and the second the next day to one of Ntaganda's men after 25 metal boxes said to contain the gold were loaded on the Camac jet.

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    Immediately afterwards, a different faction of the security forces, led by a presidential security adviser, arrested St Mary and the Camac men, taking the gold. Camac declined a request to co-operate with the UN investigation but said in a statement this week: "Camac is a law-abiding company — We are enormously proud of the work we do, and of the wide range of charitable causes we support.

    We dispute many of the allegations and statements made in that small portion of the recent UN report that mentions Camac and the incident in the Congo, most especially those that allege a connection between Camac and Bosco Ntaganda, who is wanted for war crimes. We join with the world community in condemning his actions and await the day when he can be brought to justice.

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    It is important to remember that the Congolese government filed no charges and that neither Camac nor Dr Lawal have made any admission of wrongdoing. Camac also trumpeted its work "to improve the lives of those in the African community", saying it was pleased to continue its partnership "with the many who know of the character and integrity we represent", including the Zuma education trust. The presidency referred questions to the Zuma education trust, which maintained that the United Nations allegations against Kase Lawal remained untested: "They are allegations and would remain as such until proven otherwise through a legal process.

    The trust also suggested that there was no reason to doubt Lawal's integrity as he "has served, in an advisory capacity, various United States presidents including the incumbent. As you would know, the United States of America has one of the most advanced democracies globally. Anyone serving the presidency has to go through a rigorous vetting process. As for President Jacob Zuma's honorary doctorate from Lawal's alma mater, the trust said Zuma "was invited to Houston by the president and council of Texas Southern University, and not by Dr Lawal" and that government structures would have performed the necessary check regarding the integrity of the "institutions to be visited".

    The trust confirmed that it and Lawal's company, Camac, signed a memorandum of understanding in to collaborate in the education of, especially, young rural people. Camac had already donated R2-million of five annual grants of R1-miillion each. The trust also said its "strategy and objectives are not based on rumours, allegations and innuendoes, but rather, they are based on the realities faced by underprivileged young people in the rural areas of South Africa". The oilman Kase Lawal's schmoozing of Jacob Zuma is consistent with his business model, which appears to be based on access to power.

    He served on former US president Bill Clinton's Africa trade advisory committee, did fundraising for Hillary Clinton in her failed bid for the US presidency and was appointed by President Barack Obama to a key trade policy committee in In his native Nigeria, Lawal's fortunes have depended on who was in power.

    During much of Olusegun Obasanjo's rule he was a wanted man who had allegedly conspired to forge papers to win offshore drilling approvals and illegally pump more than million barrels of crude—charges he has consistently denied. In , the year after Umaru Yar'Adua replaced Obasanjo, Lawal hosted the new president's wife in Houston in spite of his "fugitive" status, then still in place. Around that time Lawal's company, Camac, scooped new oil allocations from Nigeria's national oil company.

    Two years later, when President Goodluck Jonathan took over from Yar'Adua in an acting capacity, he appointed Lawal to a member presidential advisory council to assist him. Camac's website boasts pictures of Thabo Mbeki, then South Africa's deputy president, with Lawal in By Lawal was vice-chair of a company in the African Renaissance group, which comprised businesspeople regarded as particularly close to Mbeki.

    The basketball star Until the gold scam hit the headlines, Dikembe Mutombo, the former Houston Rockets basketball all-star, was known simply as one of the best players in National Basketball Association history. He was known as much for his signature finger wag which he used to scold his opponents on the court as for his humanitarian work. Born in in Kinshasa, the 2.

    The school's basketball coach soon lured him to the team.