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Linux offers a very useful tool to handle the logs. In Java applications, the garbage collector might end up using the swap which can slow a lot an application. Jahia is generating some UUIDs and for that, it needs some randomness and that needs a good entropy. In some virtualized environments, this entropy is not good at all and needs to be improved in order to have good performances. Please follow this documentation: Jahia and entropy. The Jahia cluster will need a shared folder in order to store the datastore.

New Ascent AutoFormal Automatic RTL Verification Software Release: Faster Debug

In order to prevent a SPOF, we advise to check that you the related hardware and software have some redundancy. The easiest way is to give full rights for this user on this table. Toggle navigation. Written by The Jahia Team. Estimated reading time:. General Jahia will be installed on a cluster of three nodes: The first node, the processing, will be used for the contribution addition of content, etc The two other servers will be used for the consultation Each node has : CentOS 40 GB of hard drive 4 CPUs 8 GB of memory We will also need two servers for Apache2 and one server for the PostgreSQL database version 9.

LibreOffice LibreOffice is being using by Jahia for document conversion. Install it: sudo yum install libreoffice ImageMagick ImageMagick is being used by Jahia for all operations related to the images resizing, thumbnails, etc. Install it: sudo yum install ImageMagick Development tools Even if you should not need these tools, they might be useful in case of an outage.

LogRotate should already be installed by default but if it's not the case: sudo yum install logrotate Swappiness Swappiness is a value between 1 and that controls the priority of the use of the RAM vs the SWAP. Otherwise, apply the modifications at runtime: sudo sysctl vm. Please check with your IT team that these flows are authorized. In case you're using a dedicated schema, please be sure that it's the default schema or you will have to customiez the JDBC url. Why this version?

Example: Inactivate: On Track. Expected Results: This shows only the Active Values. Needs Help, At Risk, and Status1. Actual Results: This shows all values. Workaround: In order to avoid the error message from appearing, the invalid Lookup Values can have their name changed to indicate that they should not be used. Start and Finish dates appear blank when clicking in the "Staff Member Properties". Team tab will display Investment Start and Finish dates instead in the grid. It will appear as overallocated.

Close all running Containers

Save to PPM. Expected result: as observed in The Allocation and ETC values are both h. Values from Allocate from Estimates will be unexpectedly wrong. On the tab, assign access to the tab to a resource, group or obs. Note: any of the available rights should cause the same problem Assign this tab as the default tab for the page.

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Go to a portfolio and assign this new page layout as the one to use for the portfolio The server may need to be restarted due to caching. Expected: For the right check to be correct and access to the tab granted accordingly. Actual: Even with full access to the tab it cannot be accessed and a error is encountered on screen. No errors are seen in the logs: 'Error - Unauthorized. If you are sure you have access, try logging in again or contact your system administrator'. Change the link used on the Portfolio page to go to the Portfolio Properties page. Trending indicators not showing up in new status report GUI.

Navigate to any project and publish more than one status report.

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Expected Results: As you publish more reports, trending arrows appear indicating the latest values for the various gauges as compared to the last published status. Actual Results: Trending indicators not showing up. Trending indicators should show up and change once you are having more then one final status report. In list column Strategy is "Tiltak". In list column Strategy is "Strategi" unlike in creation form, which the same attribute appears correctly labeled as "Tiltak". DE S2 : CLRT Portlet fails with an error "Sorting by the column specified is not allowed" if there is a saved filter that contains a power filter and is marked as default.

Steps to Reproduce:.

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This results in multiple tasks on the project with the same taskID externalID but with different case. This is blocked in the UI case insensitive match. This part appears to be by design to account for the dependency relationship.

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Create a project in PPM. Ensure the below details are set and click Save and Return. Save the project back to PPM5. Open the project in MSP again. Actual Result: For Task 2, the Duration is now So this action should check for Read permission rather than edit. These should not be removable. The selected attributes are now on the list, but the view is completely distorted,. Expected Result: The Start and Finish fields should not be removable as it causes some Gantt layout issues. Expected Result: Seperate pop-up should be displayed to give name and save the filter.

DE S2 : CLRT The finish date filtering actions on the portfolio list are not correct when the field is configured as a date range. Through the configure options, set the field as date range. Expected Result: The portfolio to be filtered.

Applies To:

Expected Result: Output file should be generated with xml of Project Views. NumberFormatException: For input string: " at java. Click on Convert 6. Select project as a target investment. Convert the idea to project. Expected Result: The Financial Summary section is not populated.

Add a new Virtual "Time scaled value" for the attribute. Add it with monthy time-scale and 5 decimals. Save the portlet7. Edit any project adding " Once saved, rounding shows 1,, Click on new and create a grid portlet pointing to the query on step1. Click on new and try to create a chart portlet pointing to the same query.

Also ensure that a system partition based auto numbering is also present for this attribute. It does still show at the assignment level. Assign the resource to the task and add some hours in the TSV in this example, 20 hours in January. Create two tasks A and B and assign the same resource to both. Open a timesheet for that resource and add the two tasks above. Add some actuals to both tasks 6.

If you check the timesheet itself, the Pending ETC figure is still there. On the Pending Estimates Review portlet, this task dissapears though. Workaround: Accept Pending Estimates at project level.

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Add notes to some time entries not all of them , add more than one note to one of them. DE S3 : Previous link is unusable when a network interruption occurs, PPM displays a pop-up, and user dismisses pop-up. A dialog is displayed saying: Unable to communicate to the PPM server. Expected: You are taken to the project's properties page.

The same steps can also be tried with the Gantt page and the portfolio Waterlines page, which go through a different pathway when sending requests to the server. Add a new object, or select an existing one in Studio. Add a new attribute to the object. Associate it to an existing lookup, for instance "All Resource Browse". Save the attribute and add it to the Layout Edit view of the object.

Open an instance of the object, go to the view where the attribute is being added. Configure the attribute and add some values from the lookup.