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Using a message as a template is the easiest way to create rules. If you create rules for junk e-mail, remember to check your junk mail folder from time to time. The rules are not infallible and they can sometimes direct normal mail to the wrong folder. It is recommended that you handle junk e-mail according to these instructions. By default, OWA alerts you of new messages with sound and visual notifications. If you feel that these disrupt your work, you can change the default settings as follows:.

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Deleted messages are first moved to the Deleted Items folder. After a certain period of time, messages from the Deleted Items folder will be transferred to a hidden Deleted folder, but they can still be recovered from there. Read more about deleting messages. The user can recover messages or other deleted items themselves within 30 days of the deletion. After this time, mailbox items can no longer be recovered. No traditional backup copies on tape are made of e-mails in the Office Instead, we use distributed databases according to current recommendations.

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Microsoft guide. Reporting junk mail is covered in separate instructions. Restart the program by closing it entirely once and then reopening. But be careful: Outlook may be set up by default so that clicking close does not mean exiting the program.

What should you do if the Outlook search function is not working?

It continues to run in the background and is simply no longer directly visible to you. You can find out whether this is the case in your system tray. If the Outlook icon is still active there, it means you have not closed the program. Look at the visible and hidden icons. If Outlook does not respond to your attempts to close it, you can also force this through the Task Manager. Follow these simple steps:.

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Sometimes Outlook can become overwhelmed with the mass of stored e-mails and information it contains. What sometimes helps is to narrow down your search terms. For example, if you use several e-mail accounts on Outlook, you should select the relevant user account before searching.

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It may also be helpful to restrict your search to just a specific folder , e. If the Outlook search function is still not working, you can restart your PC. If a restart does not solve the problem, you can then try to repair the program virtually. You now have the option to uninstall or modify the program. Make sure that your Outlook program is up to date.

The updates are done centrally through the Windows update. To decipher whether this is the case, check for available updates. Some third parties have developed add-ons that can be integrated into the Outlook program. To resolve this inconsistency, you should disable any third-party tools that you install later. If the add-on was the reason for the Outlook search function not working, it should now work. Outlook has an index that is structured like a data catalogue. It combines all important terms in saved e-mails.

This allows users to find specific messages just by entering a search term. To find out whether this is the case for you, you need to check the indexing options.

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  7. To do this, proceed as follows:. In addition to e-mails, this also includes appointments, contacts, or notes. The program manages and stores all data in the PST file like a virtual filing cabinet. Outlook requires at least one PST file , but can easily separate several of these files. For example, if the user distinguishes between private and business e-mails , Outlook creates two different PST files in its index. If you suspect that one of these files has become corrupted, you will need a tool to repair your inbox.

    Outlook has already integrated the scanpst. It detects whether a PST file is damaged and then repairs it. The following steps will help you repair a PST file :. In some cases, however, scanpst. This process takes some time and is not intended for short-term problem solving. If you need your computer to work immediately, you should do this at a later time. Every Microsoft Windows PC has a registry. The currently active ACL is shown in the list. As with everything else when using disconnected IMAP , you need to sync with the server for the changes to be transferred to the server.

    Grants the users identified by User Id no rights at all. This is also the default for users not explicitly or implicitly, as a group listed in the ACL. These users will not see this folder in the list of IMAP folders presented to them by their mail clients.

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    Grants the users identified by User Id reading rights for this folder. This also includes the ability for their mail clients to mark mails as read and store this information on the server. These users will see this folder in the list of IMAP folders presented to them by their mail clients. If you were the editor of a company's news letter, you could create a folder for the purpose of distributing the news letter, grant everyone reading rights, and save the letter to this folder instead of sending it out by email to a catch-all address.

    Grants the users identified by User Id reading see above and posting rights for this folder. Use this to create a shared folder that others can read and post messages to, but cannot otherwise modify.

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    If you wanted to create a company-wide discussion forum, instead of using a web-based form or a separate company-private usenet server, you could create a bunch of folders one per topic , and grant everyone reading and posting rights. Instead of posting to an NNTP server or writing their messages into a web form, people would just write emails and store them in the folder suiting the topic of the message.

    Grants the users identified by User Id reading, posting see above , and writing rights for this folder. Use this to create a shared folder that everyone has almost, see All the same rights for. In the Append example, you could assign write rights to a group of people acting as moderators, which would then be able to remove off-topic posts, and create sub-topic-folders for high-traffic folders.

    Grants the users identified by User Id reading, posting, writing see above , as well as administration rights, i.

    Then you should check Folder holds a mailing list to associate this folder with the mailing list. Next you should click on Detect Automatically. KMail will then try to guess some information about the mailing list from the currently selected message.

    IMAP Extensions

    If KMail could not determine some addresses then you can add the missing information manually. To do this first select the Address type for which you want to add an address. You can choose between:. This address is used for subscribing to the mailing list.

    This can be an email address or the address of a web page. This address is used for unsubscribing from the mailing list. This is the address of the archive of the mailing list. This is usually the address of a web page. This address is used for requesting help for this mailing list. This is usually an email address. After selecting the appropriate Address type you enter the email address or the address of the web page and then click on Add. With Remove you can remove addresses. If all addresses have been added then you can execute an action, e.

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    If there is an email address and an address of a web page for the desired action then you will have to select the Preferred handler prior to clicking on Invoke Handler. Select KMail if you want to send a message to the email address and select Browser if you want to go to the web page. This tab shows an overview about the folder type and its size, the number of read and unread messages in the folder and allows you to enable text indexing. Depending on the IMAP server and its configuration, there may be User Ids that correspond to groups of users, anonymous users, or any user.