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Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Faction Quests Guide

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Last Update 1 month ago. Watchers 8 members. The eastern chapter of the Brotherhood is generally beneficial to humanity, but in a more indirect way. They hunt down hostile super mutants, feral ghouls and synths, and they keep dangerous technologies out of careless or malevolent hands. As with other chapters, they prefer not to share their technology with outsiders due to the potential for misuse, instead using it themselves to help people in the wasteland in what they deem a safe and controlled manner.

Despite this, the eastern chapter is shown to be more lenient than others about outsiders possessing advanced technology such as energy weapons, and have been known to trade it on rare occasions in exchange for resources or manpower.

The Citadel

The Brotherhood's disdain for super mutants and synths stems from their belief that such "abominations" are the direct result of reckless scientific experimentation, i. Recently, much like the chivalrous knights of old, the eastern chapter of the Brotherhood has been more interested in justice and safety for the obviously weaker and less fortunate around them to a certain extent.

Ghouls and super mutants are not included, as the Brotherhood believes them to be dangerous. Instead of keeping their secrecy, the Brotherhood has been far more assertive in the goings on of wasteland politics and life.

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They continue in their mission of preserving and developing technology. Their motives are often unclear, to those outside their ranks. Brotherhood members are not people to be trifled with. The East Coast contingent of the Brotherhood when it was first founded had "gone native" under the leadership of Elder Owyn Lyons. Lyons felt the Brotherhood had a responsibility to protect the people of the Capital Wasteland from the super mutant threat; a notion not entirely lost on Elder Maxson, who continues to use soldiers to combat Super Mutants and other threats.

As of , it is clear that the Brotherhood is an unrivaled power in the region, and draws most of its new recruits from the area.

Fallout 3: Broken Steel Let's Play - Part 1 (Commentary, Walkthrough, Guide)

What started with the East Coast Brotherhood protecting people from super mutants and raiders led to defeating the Enclave and distributing free clean water to the people, turning them into the governing power in the Capital Wasteland. Based off of information from dialogue, terminals and holotapes the Brotherhood appears to have evolved politically into an Ordensstaat Order-State akin to the old "Teutonic Order," and governs the Capital Wasteland directly as its own "country.

The East Coast Brotherhood's military structure is designed to create the most capable soldiers and pilots, while also educating them in technology to pick out potential scribes. Sometime after , the Brotherhood formed an air force for the operation and training of pilots for their captured Vertibirds.

These pilots are known as lancers. With all the Brotherhood's recent success, including the defeat of the Enclave and subsequent acquisition of all Enclave technology, including all power armor and weapons and the reintegration of the Brotherhood Outcasts , the East Coast division of the Brotherhood is at the zenith of its power.

They have access to Vertibirds, power armor and energy weapons. They also possess a new and improved, rebuilt Liberty Prime , as well as the Prydwen , a colossal airship developed by the Brotherhood, which Paladin Danse claims houses enough troops and resources to "push a full scale offensive" and is capable of "mobilizing the whole division according to Arthur Maxson.

Thanks to the Brotherhood maintaining their policy of open recruitment, their numbers on the east coast have vastly increased. Evidenced by the Brotherhood holding power and influence all across the eastern seaboard. In light of their recently acquired fleet of Vertibirds, the Brotherhood division under Elder Maxson now frequently conducts air assault operations within the Commonwealth, the foremost examples of which can be experienced in the missions Spoils of War and The Battle of Bunker Hill.

Patrol and shock teams are frequently dropped into the Commonwealth to secure objectives deemed valuable to the Brotherhood or to eliminate hostile threats from an area.

Exclusive to the current East Coast Brotherhood is a system of rank insignias among the knights and paladins. It has only been observed on their power armor so far but all the rank insignias appear to be based off a pentagon.

The rank of initiate is an outline of a pentagon, then a full knight is a solid pentagon with chevrons added to it to denote knight-sergeants and knight-captains. A paladin's insignia is an elongated solid pentagon with a sword inside of it and a pair of wings flanking it. Sentinels and elders employ the same pentagon and wing motif but with a single diamond for sentinels and three diamonds for elders within the outline of a pentagon.

Originally under Elder Lyons' rule, the East Coast Brotherhood was known to trade with outsiders, but as of , there were many incidents which dissuaded the Brotherhood from such activities. The Brotherhood was also known to help patrol and defend settlements such as Megaton , until the super mutant threat escalated to the point that they were forced to withdraw from many key locations. In line with Elder Lyons' philosophy, Lyons' knights and paladins tried to protect any and all innocent wastelanders they encountered while out in the wasteland, and recruit them if possible.

They were also known to hire mercenaries when needed, such as Reilly's Rangers. Following the liberation of Project Purity , the Brotherhood cooperates with Rivet City security to distribute large quantities of purified water to various settlements across the Capital Wasteland. They do not service any factions they and most other people consider to be evil: raiders , Paradise Falls slavers , Talon Company , super mutants , the Enclave and Brotherhood Outcasts. By , the East Coast division of the Brotherhood has compromised between the former Elder Lyons' altruistic vision,and their traditional beliefs.

They are relatively friendly towards human wastelanders and tolerate sentient ghouls, but have a generally hostile attitude towards super mutants, feral ghouls and synths. The Brotherhood believes outsiders are too irresponsible and unrestrained to possess access to advanced technologies. They seek to control the dangerous technologies and would rather use them themselves to protect people rather than let the people themselves possess them. It is central to their beliefs that they must appropriate any dangerous technologies that they can control, and destroy the ones they cannot, such as the synths.

By maintaining a monopoly on advanced technology, the Brotherhood hopes to protect the innocent and prevent a second apocalypse from occurring due to the irresponsible use of advanced technology.