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The redemption movement is a debt-resistance movement and fraud scheme active primarily in the United States and Canada.


Although the movement has maintained a small following since the s, its theories are false and meritless. Those who participate in redemption schemes, and especially those who promote them to other people, can face criminal charges and imprisonment. Several government institutions have issued stern warnings about the fraudulent character of redemption schemes. The ideas of the redemption movement should not be confused with the actual legal right of redemption , under which a debtor may buy back property that has been levied or foreclosed , either by paying the balance of the debt or by matching the price at which the property sells.

The redemption movement is an offshoot of Posse Comitatus , an American right-wing populist organization established in by leaders of the white-supremacist Christian Identity sect. The Posse denounced income tax , debt-based currency and debt collection as tools of Jewish control over the country. One such supporter was Roger Elvick, a former North Dakota farmer who had lost his farm in a business deal. Elvick was convicted and imprisoned for his activities, as were several of his accomplices. Debt cancellation schemes and prosecutions similar to Elvick's continued through the s, including Family Farm Preservation [12] and the Montana Freemen.

By the late s, the belief in a secret bank account had become a fixture of redemption schemes. The origin of this idea is not clear, but elements of it appeared in Lodi v.

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Lodi , Shasta County , California. In that case, plaintiff Oreste Lodi sued "Oreste Lodi, Beneficiary," produced a birth certificate as evidence that the defendant controlled his estate , and served his complaint upon the IRS. An appeals court upheld the dismissal, agreeing that "Plaintiff's birth certificate did not create a charitable trust" and that the case was a "slam-dunk frivolous complaint.

The details of redemption schemes vary, but they typically rest on the same assumptions: 1 a distinction between a living individual and a corresponding legal person or " straw man ," 2 valuable property associated with the legal person, but rightfully belonging to the individual, and 3 a supposed procedure by which the individual can claim the property to pay debts. Promoters justify these assumptions with elaborate historical tales. The most common explanation claims that the United States went bankrupt when it abandoned the gold standard in and started using its citizens as collateral so that it could borrow money.

When participants find themselves worse off after following the procedures, they are often told that they have followed them incorrectly. Several people who have participated in redemption schemes have been convicted. William Oscar Harris, who executed a redemption scheme as a purported citizen of the "Al-Moroccan Empire," is held in a highly restricted Communication Management Unit at the United States Penitentiary, Terre Haute , [27] under a contempt of court order for continuing to send redemption instruments and other false paperwork from prison.

Aside from the risk of criminal charges, redemption processes also fail to discharge debts. In a frequently-cited foreclosure case, a debtor attempted to pay her home mortgage with a redemption "bill of exchange" at the suggestion of promoter Barton Buhtz.

When you were born your government forged your name and created a Birth Certificate Bond.

A United States District Court concluded that "the legal authorities Plaintiff cites and the facts she alleges suggest that she did not tender payment, but rather a worthless piece of paper. Other courts addressing claims nearly identical to Plaintiff's have found likewise. To caution people away from redemption schemes, several U. The Inspector General of the Treasury, [30] the Federal Trade Commission , [31] and various Federal Reserve Banks [32] have warned that the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks do not maintain draft accounts for individuals and will not honor any individual drafts.

In June , Roger Elvick was found guilty by a federal jury in Hawaii of conspiracy to impede justice in connection with federal tax filings under 18 U. During the early s redemption promoter Barton Buhtz distributed phony bills of exchange to clients to use for debt payments. In a mass e-mail early in , Unger vowed to use his show to present a "final remedy to the enslavement at the hands of corporations posing as legitimate government.

Winston Shrout, a former construction worker, started practicing redemption schemes in By , he was marketing the schemes under the name "Solutions in Commerce. During the same period he also attempted to pass billion and trillion-dollar "bills of exchange" on the IRS and various financial companies. Shrout was indicted on 19 charges of passing fictitious instruments and failure to file federal income tax returns, and he was convicted on all charges in April On March 5, , a warrant was issued for his arrest.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Debt resistance movement. See More. The Bank projects that Canadian economy will grow by 1. Understanding digital currencies and related financial technologies is an important part of our research agenda. These forecasts are provided to Governing Council in preparation for monetary policy decisions. They are released once a year with a five-year lag. After you have identified a balance by searching the registry:. The required documentation and proof of ownership and entitlement that you must submit to support your claim will be identified on the form.

Any representative who is authorized to settle the estate such as an executor, trustee or liquidator must submit the following documentation along with the claim:. The required legal documentation regarding the balance holder will vary, depending on whether they had a Last Will and Testament and which province they lived in at the time of death.

Specific examples include:.

Legal documents submitted to the Bank of Canada will not be returned to claimants. We strongly recommend that only certified or notarized copies of legal documents be submitted with a claim. Photocopies will not be accepted.

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The required documentation will vary, depending on the type of balance and the type and status of the organization holding the balance. For example, if the business has been dissolved or is inactive, it must be revived in order for the Bank of Canada to proceed with the claim; documentation confirming the status of the business will be required.

Isn't this a belief of the Freeman on the land movement? They seem to re-interpret the law and legalese and ignore statutes as being optional The bit about the Birth Certificate bonds arises from this belief Balance , Dec 15, Agree x 7. Agree x 2. American Buffalope , Dec 15, Like x 4 Agree x 1. Last edited: Dec 15, Useful x 2 Like x 1. Like x 1 Agree x 1 Useful x 1. Useful x 1. Trailblazer , Dec 16, Agree x 1. Mick West , Dec 16, Whitebeard , Jan 5, Gnarly Carly has a similar theory about traffic tickets.

Landru , Jan 5, Efftup , Jan 5, It is very sad when people believe these things. Interesting that the people spouting it very rarely actually use them themselves. I understand that John Harris, a big promoter of this kind of stuff just paid up when chased for back taxes, and didn't try any of the tricks he was advocating.

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Efftup , Jan 6, Balance , Jan 6, Like x 2. If a company is made up of Me, mick, and TW CObra, then you have to sue the three of us individuals as we are the company. If I leave and Weedwhacker and Deirdre join the board, you have to go back to companies house and change all the details so someone then has to deal with a different set of directors. And whoever is in charge takes the rap, rather than having to change a lot of paperwork EVERY time the personnel change. So a birth certificate does NOT make a person like a company, a company registration makes it like a person.

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It is based on a big misunderstanding, whether accidental or a deliberately taken out of context.